It’s no surprise that Mauritius is called a paradise on the earth. The small island is full of natural beauty that’ll leave you wanting more. From soft white sand beaches to amazing waterfalls and colorful shades of seawater, Mauritius is a perfect holiday destination for couples, irrespective of your budget.

You can relax with your loved one, take part in water adventures, or try something new during the trip. In fact, you can do it all when in Mauritius. The affordable and Cheapest Mauritius Honeymoon Package For Couple has made it even easier to plan a trip to this lovely little island in the Indian Ocean.

Geographically speaking, Mauritius is located around 3220 km away from the southeast coast of Africa. Still, the island belongs to this continent and has vibrant flora and fauna.

· Waterfalls and Forests

Mauritius isn’t limited to beaches alone. The Chamarel Waterfalls are located close to the village with the same name. The waterfalls are surrounded by a lush green forest, large trees, and cool hills. You can even go on a small hiking trip on the hills and enjoy the natural reserves and the rivers flowing in the region.

· Learn Mauritius Cooking

The local chefs from the world-class resort hotels sometimes offer to teach Mauritius cooking in their kitchens. This is a wonderful opportunity for foodies to learn more about Mauritius food, the use of ingredients, the influence of culture on food, etc. It’s also a nice way to relax and do something different.

· Visit Rodrigues and Creole

Mauritius is a collection of 16 islands and inlets, with Rodrigues being the main one among them. If seclusion is your goal, Rodrigues is the best place to do it. If tasting wonderful food is your target, it can’t get better than Creole.

· Visa on Arrival

Mauritius offers a visa on arrival facility for citizens from most countries. The tourist visa is valid for 60 days from the date of arrival. Show the necessary proof of identification, funds, etc., to be approved for your stay on the island.

· Language and Safety

Mauritius is a land of many languages, with English being predominantly spoken and understood by many. Conversation shouldn’t be a problem in this country.

Moreover, Mauritius is a safe country to travel to as long as you take the appropriate measures. Travel insurance is recommended when visiting other countries. The Mauritius Tour Packages For Couple might include travel insurance for extra money. Your tour planner will suggest the best deal to get one for your trip.

· Best Time to Visit

The months from October to December are the best time to visit Mauritius to avoid the peak crowd. This season has warm weather and ideal conditions to lounge on the beach and enjoy water sports.

The actual tourist season is from December to March, when the island is overflowing with people from around the globe. Couples who wish to spend quality time away from others can plan the Mauritius holiday during the off season.

Contact a tour planning company to organize a customized Mauritius package for your budget and travel specifications.