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Top Most Ayurvedic Retreat Centers of India

Calm, relax and revive – the key mantra of Ayurveda – is a definitive method to escape from the furious, unremarkable way of life and experience great wellbeing and prosperity. Ayurveda is the "art of life," with a variety of helpful and recuperating impacts that incorporate excellence, wellbeing and prosperity. Obviously, South India is the center point of Ayurveda practices, which has made ready for excellent ubiquity of Ayurveda visits in India. These centers are located in the outskirts of cityscape within the peaceful and quiet surroundings.

Travelers from around the globe visit India in quest for true and mending Ayurvedic medicines and therapeutics. Subsequently, various Ayurveda resorts have set up in the nation, offering astonishing services. Let’s know about some of the best listed Ayurvedic Retreat centers In India.

Somatheeram Ayurveda Resort, Kerala:

The list of best Ayurvedic retreats doesn’t complete without the inclusion of world’s first Ayurvedic resort Somatheeram. The pride getaway of Somatheeram welcomes you with its heavenly greenery and serenity of water. If you are actually looking for an Ayurvedic center away from noise pollution of city then surely you are at right place. It is one of the prior centers which get the position of trendsetter among travelers about trending meditation tours and Ayurvedic holidays. Definitely, the center helps you to unwind from routine stress along with the healthy diet and traditional therapies. 
Ananda in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand:

Ananda in the Himalayas offers you an interesting blend of wellness technique for your complete body. The great combination of Ayurveda, Aromatherapy and spa technology definitely provides you a fruitful result. For this you have to cover the blissful journey up to the pleasing Uttarakhand within the huge beauty of nature. With the complete rejuvenating features one can self feel the improvement in mind and soul. Ananda resort has several distinguish features related to golf course, garden areas, Yoga pavilions, exclusive massage facilities, Himalayan tea, nutritious diet, terraces, highly equipped spa and much more for your complete comfort.

Devaaya, The Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa:

Apart from the party destination or beach popularity, Ayurveda tourism equally contributes in Goa to make it potential tourist spot. Devaaya, The Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre, Goa is situated alongside beautiful scenery within the marvelous setup of Mandovi River and coconut palms. This well designed Ayurvedic paradise works according to a natural process in which you will get a strong touch with life and related things of yoga, meditation, music and healthy diet. The well designed architecture based on Vaastu Shastra also helps in quickly getting the process of rejuvenation. It will definitely a good healing experience for your body as well as mind.

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Village, Kerala:

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort is located in picturesque town of Palakkad, Kerala. The area is pleased with rich beauty of captivating Western Ghats. The place provides you guarantee about the cure of disease from its root with the help of recreational therapy. The user will get the permanent and effective results from the systematic treatment of Ayurveda. This traditional healing center of Kerala definitely satisfies you with the natural and organic methods of treatment. You will self get the feel of healing along with the peace of mind with useful consultations. This traditional treatment is derived from all the herbal resources.

The Leela, Udaipur:

The Leela ESPA spa in the city of palaces and lakes is popular Ayurvedic retreat center. The royal architecture within the magnificence of relaxed and peaceful surroundings provides a complete relax to your mind and soul. The haveli style setup within the shades of greenery has a big contribution in the overall wellness of guests. The hot stone massages, facials, yoga and meditation within the cultural beauty of Rajasthan give you an extremely different experience. With the growing trend of Ayurveda treatments, one will get highly relaxing travel along with the several other inspiring benefits from Ayurveda. 

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Top Most Ayurvedic Retreat Centers of India

Calm, relax and revive the key mantra of Ayurveda is a definitive method to escape from the furious, unremarkable way of life and experience great wel...

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